Cybersecurity Publication Prizes for All Students

The Center for Research in Applied Security and Cyber Security invites any student who is not supported by the center, to receive an excellence prize for their publications in the field of cybersecurity. The prizes will be awarded twice a year, according to the following criteria:

  1. Publications in first-tier conferences will be awarded 10,000 NIS.
  2. Publications in second-tier conferences will be awarded 5,000 NIS .
  3. Any other publication, which the scientific committee deems significant to the field of cybersecurity, will be awarded up to 2,000 NIS .

Prizes will only be awarded to publications that acknowledge the Research Center and the National Cyber Bureau, as described in the Center’s Regulations  (Section 7.2).  Publications that do not bear such acknowledgement, will not entitle their authors for any publication prize. It is therefore recommended for authors to contact the Center before submitting their camera-ready version of the paper.

The following venues are considered first-tier cybersecurity conferences:

  1. ACM Symposium on Commuter and Communication Security (ACM CCS)
  2. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland)
  3. USENIX Security Symposium

The list of second-tier conferences shall be determined and published from time to time, by the scientific committee.

For additional details  (Hebrew).

To file a request for a publication prize or receive further information, please contact send us an email to

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