Congratulations to the center’s researchers whose papers have recently been accepted for major conferences

USENIX Security 2022

GPU-accelerated PIR with Client-Independent Preprocessing for Large-Scale Applications by Daniel Günther, Maurice Heymann, Benny Pinkas and Thomas Schneider

Crypto 2022

Lower Bound on SNARGs in the Random Oracle Model, by  Iftach Haitner, Daniel Nukrai, and Eylon Yogev

PODC 2022

Gradecast in Synchrony and Reliable Broadcast in Asynchrony with Optimal Resilience, Efficiency, and Unconditional Security, by Gilad Asharov and Ittai Abraham

ITC 2022

Static vs. Adaptive in Perfect MPC: A Separation and the Adaptive Security of BGW by Gilad Asharov, Ran Cohen and Oren Shochat

Protecting Distributed Primitives against Leakage: Equivocal Secret Sharing and More by Carmit Hazay, Mor Weiss and Muthu

ICML 2022

Transfer Learning in Differential Privacy’s Hybrid Model, by Or Sheffet and Rafael Kohen


Comparison-Based MPC in Star Topology (Full Version), by Carmit Hazay, Gowri R Chandran, Robin Hundt and Thomas Schneider

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