Congratulations to Benny Pinkas, Carmit Hazay and Ariel Nof for their papers being accepted to CCS

Title: Practical Fully Secure Three-Party Computation via Sublinear Distributed ZK Proofs

Authors: Elette Boyle, Yuval Yishai, Niv Gilboa and Ariel Nof


Title:  How to (not) share a password: Privacy preserving protocols for finding heavy hitters with adversarial behavior

Authors:  Moni Naor, Benny Pinkas and Eyal Ronen


Title: Fast Actively Secure Five-Party Computation with Security Beyond Abort

Authors: Megha Byali, Carmit Hazay, Arpita Patra and Swati Singla


Title: Make Some ROOM for the Zeros: Data Sparsity in Secure Distributed Machine Learning

Authors: Phillipp Schoppmann, Adria Gascon, Mariana Raykova and Benny Pinkas

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