Dr. Yael Amsterdamer



I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University. Previously, I have been a visiting scholar of the Computer and Information Science Department at UPenn (Philadelphia, PA), and at the INRIA institute (Paris, France). I received my PhD from Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Prof. Tova Milo. In 2016 I received the Alon Fellowship for Outstanding Young Researchers. During my PhD, I won, among others, the Wolf Foundation Scholarship and the Dan David Prize for outstanding PhD students.


My research interests include the management of data over Web-based platforms, and in particular personal data such as emails, photos, and social interactions over social networks. The goals of this research include developing declarative, generic and robust tools that allow users to access and manage data they store in different platforms, and to easily share this data with others without compromising access control rights and data integrity.