Dr. Moti Geva

Director of Research

I am the director of research in the BIU Center for Research in Applied Cryptography and Cyber Security. Prior to coming to the research center I was Head of Technologies R&D at Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB — LINK: cyber.gov.il). During that time I established and managed Israel National CERT (CERT-IL — LINK: cert.gov.il), which is a center responsible for assisting the civilian sector organizations to deal with cyber threats and incidents, improve their resilience, and collect and share relevant actionable information.

I received my Ph.D. from Bar Ilan University under the supervision of Prof. Amir Herzberg. Prior to that I served at elite R&D units in IDF, taking part of numerous innovative R&D projects in various positions, from system engineer to team leader to section leader.

My main research interests are practical systems, networks and applications, including operating systems, communication networks, and offensive and defensive aspects of cyber-security. I am mainly interested in applied research and the practical aspects of these systems, in terms of performance, applicability, usability and deployability.