Dr. Eran Omri


Computer Science, Ariel University.


I am a faculty member at the Department of Computer Science at Ariel University. I received my Ph.D. form Ben-Gurion University in 2009, under the supervision of Menachem Kojman and Amos Beimel.

My main research interests are in cryptography and private computation, and the interplay between these fields. In the area of cryptography I am specifically interested in secure multiparty computation and understanding the complexity of different cryptographic primitives. In the area of private computation, I am mostly interested in differential privacy and in the distributed setting, where the existence of a trusted curator is not assumed. I am also interested in the complexity of differentially private protocols and the way they relate to more classical cryptographic primitives. Finally, I am currently putting effort into finding ways to employ tools from cryptography and differential privacy to solve real-world problems from the area of cyber security.