Graduate Research Program

The Research Center offers special research programs to excellent graduate students and to promising students that have relevant background and experience in the field of cyber-security. The programs are designated for students from the Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering departments.

The aim of the programs is to provide students with unmediated access to the cyber-security domain, and to introduce the participants to state-of-the-art research and knowledge in the field, leading scientists and recent research.

The Research Center provides a supporting ecosystem for students throughout their graduate studies. Participants will receive assistance in choosing their topic for their research, and in finding an appropriate advisor for their selected research. Additional experts in the field of cyber-security are active in the Research Center and can provide assistance in bridging the knowledge gap between problems, research questions and methodologies to solve them. The Research Center also employs a professional software development team, with unique knowledge and capabilities in cryptography and cyber-security. The software development team supports software development for active research in the center, and provides support to all the members of the center. Finally, participating students will receive lucrative fellowships and travel opportunities throughout their graduate studies; see the fellowships document below.

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