The 3rd BIU Winter School



FEBRUARY 4-7, 2013



The winter school will provide an in depth coverage of bilinear pairings and their role in cryptographic constructions. Among other things, we will study the basics of elliptic curves and elliptic curve cryptography, the basics of pairings, and the mathematics behind how pairings work and how to efficiently compute them. In addition, we will study the many applications of pairings to cryptography, including identity-based encryption (IBE) and variants, attribute-based encryption, functional encryption, broadcast encryption, anonymous credentials and non-interactive zero-knowledge. The school program includes approximately 20 hours of lectures and a social dinner.

The target audience for the school is graduate students and postdocs in cryptography (we will assume background in cryptography, but not elliptic curves or bilinear maps). However, faculty, undergrads and professionals with the necessary background are all welcome. The winter school is open to participants from all over the world; all talks will be in English.


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Organizer: Yehuda LindellDepartment of Computer ScienceBar Ilan University, Israel

Videos: Video recordings of the entire winter school can be found here.

Program Schedule and Slides: The detailed schedule for the winter school can be downloaded here.

  • Monday, Feb 4: Background – Elliptic Curves
    • Registration
    • School overview (Dan Boneh): Slides
    • ECC basics (Nigel Smart): Slides
    • The DLOG problem on Elliptic curves (Nigel Smart): Slides from above
    • Applications of Elliptic curves to cryptography (Nigel Smart): Slides from above
  • Tuesday, Feb 5: Pairings and Applications
    • Pairing basics (Dan Boneh): Slides
    • IBE, HBE and other variants (Dan Boneh): Slides
    • ABE (Allison Lewko): Slides
  • Wednesday, Feb 6: Applications
    • Broadcast encryption (Dan Boneh): Slides
    • Functional encryption (Allison Lewko): Slides
    • NIZK background (Jens Groth): Slides
    • NIZK from pairings (Jens Groth): Slides from above
  • Thursday, Feb 7: Applications and How Pairings Work

Where: The winter school took place in the Wohl Centre at Bar Ilan University in the Tel-Aviv area.

Registration (no longer available): Participation is free, but registration is required. Registration includes school participation, lunch and refreshment, a social event, and transportation to and from the school hotel. (Accommodation is not included). Please register by December 15, 2012 by sending email to

Travel information:: Important information for the participants is available here.

Hotel: We have arranged a special rate at the Kfar Hamaccabia hotel, near the university. The rate is approximately $140 a night for a single room and $160 a night for a twin room. The rate includes breakfast. Please send your hotel requirements together with your registration information. We will provide buses from the hotel to the winter school and back, each day.

Support: A small number number of stipends of $800 each (for flight and accommodation) will be awarded for overseas students needing support. The deadline for stipend application is December 1, 2012. Please have your advisor send a letter justifying the need for financial support.

Sponsorship: This winter school is graciously sponsored by the European Research Council, Bar-Ilan University and the Check Point Institute for Information Security.


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