The 12th BIU Winter School on Cryptography

Advances in Secure Computation

January 23-26, 2022

School Overview

Secure computation allows a set of parties to compute some joint function of their private inputs, while guaranteeing privacy (i.e., the parties learn the output and nothing more) and correctness (meaning the output is correctly distributed). Due to its generality, secure computation is a central tool in cryptography. In recent years, there is a surging interest in deploying secure computation to solve problems arising in practice. This requires designing light-weight and concretely-efficient protocols for problems of interest, such as accessing and searching over large outsourced databases, or threshold cryptographic primitives (such as signatures) that can be used to guarantee validity of transactions on the blockchain. 

In the 12th BIU Winter School on Cryptography, we will study recent advances in secure computation. The program will cover the following topics: advances in private-information retrieval and in oblivious RAM, function secret sharing and homomorphic secret sharing, vector oblivious linear evaluation, threshold signatures, and private set intersection.

The program aims to give a taste of key topics in the area, focusing on the state of the art. We expect the audience to already have knowledge on foundations of cryptography (e.g., what secure computation is, the basics of private information retrieval and oblivious RAM, etc.). The target audience for the school is graduate students and postdocs in cryptography (we will assume that participants have taken at least one university-level course in cryptography). However, all faculty, undergrads and professionals with the necessary background are welcome. The winter school is open to participants from all over the world; all talks will be in English.

School Lecturers 

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