The 2nd BIU Cyber Academic Hackathon

  • Imagine a world in which computers can automatically protect organizations from attack, and even predict when attacks will take place. In this hackathon we will work towards making this a reality.

    You are invited to a 32 hour event, during which you will work in groups to develop AI and ML applications, in order to assist cyber attackers or defenders.

    Target audience: Students in their 2nd year and above studying Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics, or with relevant experience.

    Prizes: Lucrative prizes worth thousands of Shekels will be awarded to the winning participants.

  • Academic Hackathon, Bar-Ilan University, May 24-25, 2017

  • General Information About You

  • Academic & Practical Experience

  • Five Last Questions

  • Food & Allergies (All food is kosher)

    The Kick-off Meeting is a 4-hour pre-evening event on 09.05.2017